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Roland F, Joven A, Joel R, Frankie F, Butch P
Beauties at the campsite
Carlos, Raffy, Charlie, Rolllie and Sammy
The kids are alright. They played with ball and other parlor games and ended until dark

Camping Trip
Soledad Canyon

August 19, 2000

In between? sulsuldong? pusoy? solitaire? Everybody had a good time

It has been a pleasure meeting friends that I have not seen in so many years. Reminiscing those past is such a great experience. Anybody out there with a time machine? We need that quick!

I kiwar mon Manang ta ikamadak tu madam-dama
To Sammy A, Carlos A, Roland F, Frankie F, Charlie L, Raffy O, Joel R, Butch P, Joven A, Celo L, Jojo L and the rest of the BASC/BCC families, it was a wonderful time being with you guys. Lakay Sammy, Carlos and Charlie, those stories of Binalonan past made me feel like I am back in those era. I enjoyed every minute of it.
Rollie C
Let us loosen up a bit. Then more stories came in later ;-)