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BASC donates computer system

The BINALONAN ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA extends its support in boosting technology education in Binalonan. On August 2000, the organization donated a computer system to the SAN FELIPE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL. It was presented to the principal teacher, Mrs. Susan Mangrubang by Mr. Rolly Fernandez and Mr. Joven Aglipay. The Pentium class desktop computer system was provided by Mr. and Mrs. Sammy Aglipay.

Camping Trip
Soledad Canyon

August 19, 2000

The kids are alright. They played with ball and other parlor games and ended until dark
Roland F, Joven A, Joel R, Frankie F, Butch P
Carlos, Raffy, Charlie, Rollie and Sammy
Let us loosen up a bit. Then more stories came in later ;-)

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